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CPDA Group Policy 2012


Dear comrades of the CPDA,

Effective immediately, there are further changes to our group policy. These changes have been implemented by the Central Committee of the CPDA, and voted into Policy by the Central Executive Committee, in an effort to better serve our goals and mission.

The revised group policy is:

1. The Communist Party of deviantART is designed for numerous variants of communistic thought. Marxists and non-Marxists are welcome. Likewise, other leftists such as anarchists are welcome, and even those who are willing to learn of Communism are welcome. While the Communist Party of deviantART realizes that disagreements in ideological beliefs shall arise among members, we ask that debates be kept respectful and mature. Opposing beliefs (e.g. capitalists) must keep their questions and arguments respectful and mature as well.

2. The Communist Party of deviantART has no official line of thought. This means that we are quite simply a party of Communists, whether members are Marxist-Leninist, Trotskyist, or anything else. Since the Communist Party of deviantART is an Internet based group, it is more important for us to engage in active discussion rather than Internet sectarianism. Of course debates among ideological lines will arise as mentioned, and these are welcome, but once again, please keep these debates with integrity.

3a. Submissions to the gallery should contain quality, reflective of the fight for socialism and our political messages. We understand that not everyone is Van Gogh, but if you are planning on submitting art to the Party, please use your best effort and your best judgment. All submissions are reviewed by members of the Central Committee before approval. Art that is not specifically communist in nature, but includes subject matter that many communists agree with (e.g. anti-Zionism, anti-imperialism) it can still be approved potentially as well.

3b. Effective July 2012, per decision of the Central Executive Committee: The Communist Party of DeviantART's official guidelines for submissions:

1. Deviations must contain a Communist message. Character art is acceptable, but only within the requirement that the artwork has a clear Communist message or theme prevailing throughout the work. Non-Communist themed work will be accepted on an as is basis relevant to the Party's aims. Examples would include subjects relating to class struggle such as Occupy, YoSo, the Arab Spring, etc.

2. Literary submissions of a theoretical and ideological nature must be well written, clear, and make rational and logical arguments. All such works of historical, ideological, or theoretical value must be presented in a semi-professional manner. Writings of a passionate or fictional nature will be reviewed as normal.

3. While the Party fully endorses personal liberties and creativity, works (visual or literary) deemed controversial may be rejected outright. Works submitted that relate to historical figures such as Stalin, Mao, etc. should be submitted for historical purposes only. The Communist Party of DeviantART views any form of the "Cult of Personality" as being against Marxist principle and ideology. Any "Cult of Personality" submissions deemed too favorable or biased will be rejected outright.

4. While members of the Central Committee are free to submit articles to the Red Star Vanguard Blog (the official blog of the CPDA), any members or non-members of the CPDA interested in submitting written work to the blog are free to send any member of the Central Committee their writing, which will then undergo a 4/6th vote, or 2/3rd vote depending on how many members of the CC are active. Submissions should contain proper grammar and be relatively "moderate" in length. If a submission is approved for the blog, it is still however subject to editing by members of the Central Committee. For more information on the RSV and the process, ask any member of the CC and visit the blog itself.

5. The Communist Party of deviantART openly holds a Party Congress once per year unless otherwise mentioned, from November 7th-21st. During the Congress, any member of the Party may run for office on the CC. Group policy additions/changes are voted on as well by members of the CPDA at this time. Between Party Congresses, members of the CC discuss potential plans for the CPDA in the 'admin section' that can affect the CPDA accordingly. The CC will do it's best to provide a balance of democracy and centralism; democratic-centralism.

All members are expected to respect and act according to these guidelines. Any disrespectful attitude towards these guidelines or other members, comrades or not, will result in a review by a member of the Central Committee, and possible expulsion.

Any issues or concerns with current Party Policy (if any) can be brought up at any time. These issues will than be discussed and resolved during our Party Congress along with other parts of the Congress Agenda. All complaints, concerns, or suggestions should be referred to the Commissar of Internal Affairs or the Deputy Commissar of Internal Affairs. If neither is available, any such matters should then be brought up to another member of the CPDA Central Executive Committee.

In Solidarity,
CPDA General Secretary
Effective immediately, 19 July 2012.
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